Premium Caramel coffee syrup NZ Cameo Cafe syrups - shott alternative

Cafe syrups for coffee snobs.

Cameo make delicious and handsome coffee syrups for cafes and people who like good things.

They’re the perfect partner for specialty coffee in cafes that care.

Made in Wellington, New Zealand

Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa

Cameo Cafe Syrups Spiced Blackcurrant & Lemon Honey Ginger Cafe Syrup

Coffee syrup flavours

We make the coffee flavours that you know and love, we just make them better. We don’t have a thousand different flavours (no one needs a mint chocolate latte) but we have the ones you need.

We use quality suppliers, fair trade organic sugar, NZ honey, juices and blackcurrants, organic ginger and other real good ingredients. Hell, we even compost.

See our coffee and cafe syrups page for our current range.

  • Quality

    Our syrups are made well from good ingredients so your drinks will be top notch.

  • Sustainable

    We bottle in glass not plastic and each bottle makes ~ 50 drinks making them a low waste choice.

  • Unique

    You'll see us in some good spots around town but we're not in every cafe on your block. Stand out.

Chai syrup NZ natural spicy for cafes and coffee shops

Let's do business

To stock Cameo at your cafe, restaurant or bar click below to find a distributor or find out how to order direct.

If you’re a hospitality wholesaler in Aotearoa NZ, Australia or further afield and want to distribute us give us a buzz, we’re keen as.

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